-- DWR nostalgi --

-- Från Februari 1996 Daytona SuperCross, i samband med Daytona Bike Week --

Här har vi dom två DWR herrarna som sköter teamet, Björn Hägglund och Jan Andersson, iförda DWR-skjortor och i mitten har vi Team Föraren Jocke Wahnström. Bilden är tagen i Daytona SX, USA.


Här ser du lite bilder av vår trailer, och teamhojjar samt team brudarna, året var 2000 !!


--Här ser du kartan till "Nya DWR"--
Här nedan ser du en vägbeskrivning till våra nya lokaler.
En helt ny del i vårt utbud blir Custom motorcyklar och med HD som specialitet. Vi utökar vårt utbud med delar/tillbehör från Zodiak och Thunderbike.
De nya lokalerna är bättre anpassade för service/reparationer av custom, motocross och mopeder.


--David Philippaerts världsmästare--
i helgens GP avgjorde Philippaerts VM. Han tog de poäng som behövdes och korades efter 2.a heatet till årets mästare. Yamaha Monster Motocross Team har nu ännu en VM vinst i sin samling. YZF450 har visat vägen igen!! GRATTIS från DWR.

David tillsammans med teamchefen själv, Michele Rinaldi.

--Yamaha US Factory Snocross Team 2008--
Sverige har fått en snowcross-export i Johan Eriksson. Johan kör några race i USA på Yamaha´s nya FX Nytro. Cory Davis, Steve Taylor och Yuji Nakazawa heter Johans team kollegor. Följ allt på Yamaha USA´s hemsida.

--YRRD 144cc KIT till YZ125--
Klart för 2takts åkarna att köra med 144cc kit i
MX2 för 2008. Rinaldi och YRRD var snabba att ta fram ett kit.

The new fast-revving, high torque 130hp-class Genesis 130FI boasts a 14 horsepower gain over the Genesis 120. That gain can be credited to a slightly larger displacement, 1050cc 3-cylinder design and the introduction of Yamaha’s advanced fuel injection technology. The Genesis 130FI uses lightweight crank technology and the fuel injection system to deliver razor-sharp throttle response. It also features new Engine Braking Reduction System to give riders some “coast” feeling when the throttle is released.
(Länk till yamaha-motor usa)

--Supercross...-- Despite suffering from a fractured shoulder blade and a chipped collarbone, L&M Racing’s Chad Reed stormed his way to a holeshot and led the first lap of the 2007 AMA Supercross Series opener at Anaheim, Calif. on Jan. 6. Though winner James Stewart and runner-up Ricky Carmichael ultimately passed him, Reed’s gutsy performance earned the 2004 AMA Supercross champion a third-place finish and 20 valuable points as the 16-race series fires up.

Reed sat out all but one practice session and his heat race at sold-out Angel Stadium to avoid aggravating his injury before the main event. He nonetheless got a tremendous launch out of the gate on his 2007 YZ450F and rode a mistake-free – but painful – race to the podium. “It really hurts, but come Vegas I think I’ll thank myself for riding this weekend,” Reed gritted afterwards. “I wouldn’t do that for any other reason other than my will and my want to win the title.”
The Anahiem Track

Jason Lawrence Lite-Class

--Boss Racing is Yamaha’s official factory-sponsored snocross team on the World PowerSports Association’s 2006-2007 PowerSports Snowmobile Tour. Within the Yamaha Blue rig’s walls is one of the finest crews of technicians, engineers and coaches, all working to make sure the team’s pair of gifted racers, Robbie Malinoski and Yuji Nakazawa, has the tools to face the 4-stroke challenge.

Boss Racing’s owner Garry Querel and Wayne Ostopowich, have fifty years of snowmobile racing between them and 17 world racing titles already in the trophy case. “Yamaha presented us with a unique challenge to prove Yamaha 4-stroke technology can be competitive in snocross racing”, explains Querel. “This is not the 4-stroke of old. We have quicker power off the line and the technology we have seen from Yamaha has given us every confidence that Boss Racing will maintain its reputation as a world class team, able to confront the formidable challenges of snocross and win on race day.”


--With 101 Grand Prix wins and 10 world titles, Stefan Everts is indisputably the greatest motocross rider of all time. On this special website we pay tribute to the man and offer you an insight into the career of a sporting legend. (061001)--

--Ny Team sponsor för Yamaha Teamet (060401)--
Yamaha signed a new partnership agreement with Spanish tourism company Intur Sports which will see the Japanese manufacturer’s factory motocross team known as Yamaha Intur Sports Motocross Team.

(Bilder Yamaha Racing)

--The Phazer FX uses a new 2-cylinder 500cc (060211)--

The engine package is based on the YZ250F™ engine. It’s actually two of them engineered together to become a new snowmobile engine. The Genesis 80FI is fuel injected, with a 5-valve head and makes its peak power at over 11,000 rpm.
The Phazer FX is built on a new platform, the FX chassis. It features lightweight, rigid CF die cast member and chromoly tube construction. The FX chassis was engineered specifically to house the Genesis 80FI engine and incorporates that engine package in its overall balance dynamic. The FX chassis is also the backbone for the new sport rider-forward position positioning on the Phazer FX.
The Phazer FX uses a second generation ProActive CK rear suspension with an HPG clicker shock. The FX chassis uses a narrow track and the skidframe is accordingly narrower. The suspension offers a number of unique features, in addition to the narrowness. The carrier wheels on the rear upper cross shaft are oversized to improve their efficiency and reduce friction. The rear mount is built with a cantilever system to allow the track tension to remain consistent through the compression travel. The rear arm has coupling blocks. The front lower shock mount is on a cam to increase the shock rate through its travel.

--Heath Voss and Chad Reed to race new YZ450F (051202)--

Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA is proud to announce the Factory Race Team for the 2006 World Supercross Series. Returning racers Heath Voss and Chad Reed begin their Supercross title hopes this weekend in Toronto, Canada. In a modern-era first, the Factory Yamaha Team will race exclusively on four-strokes as Voss and Reed will sit behind the starting gate in Toronto on YZ450Fs.
Heath Voss, with four-stroke Supercross experience and a World Supercross title under his belt, had an easy time adapting to the new YZ450F. “My bike was a workhorse last year but this year’s bike corners tighter and feels more like a 250,” explains Heath Voss. “I’ve been training in Texas for months; I’m faster on the new bike and want the season to start today.”
Chad Reed faces a new challenge in the 2006 Supercross Championship racing four-strokes in the premier class. Reed won the 2002 SX Lites title on the four-stroke YZ250F then raced the past three years and won the AMA Supercross Championship on the YZ250 two-stroke.
“I rode the 450F at a photo shoot back in May and could instantly feel the improvements; I thought about racing it indoors ever since,” explains Chad Reed. “There are sections on the track where the four-strokes just rip and we feel this is the best race weapon indoors or out.”

--RINALDI KIT 2006 (051127)--
Nu har nästa års rinaldi kit presenterats. Fortfarande finns dom till YZ125, YZ250F ,YZ450F samt för GP3 även ett YZ480F kit. Kiten bantas från varje år p.g.av att många av rinaldis förbättringar redan sitter monterade original på hojjarna! Och det kan ju bara ses som possitivt! Men för dom allra kräsnaste och dom som tror sej kunna bemästra även MER "pulver" än original så har vi nöjet att presentera följande YRRD KIT för 2006:
YZ125 2006

Direkt länk till YRRD sidan 125 kit

YZ 250F 2006

Direkt länk till YRRD sidan 250 kit

YZ 450F 2006

Direkt länk till YRRD sidan 450 kit

YZ 480F 2006

Direkt länk till YRRD sidan 480 kit


--YAMAHA dubbla världsmästare 2005 (050904)-
Vilken storslam! YRRD lyckades rejält i 2005 års GP serie. Med seger i både GP1 (Stefan Everts) och GP2 (Antonio Cairoli)! GRATTIS säger vi från DWR i UPPSALA!!!

--Nya YZ fyrtaktarna med aluram(050616)--
The YZ250F has become a byword for instant, free-revving four stroke performance. With its proven MX2 GP-winning abilities, this quarter-litre motocrosser is a leading contender at every level. For 2006 Yamaha introduce a new second generation YZ250F equipped with the same all-new aluminium chassis that is featured on the remarkable new YZ450F, making it the most advanced high-performance 250 four stroke available today. And for improved power delivery, the new dry sump engine is equipped with a new exhaust, large capacity radiators and revised carburettor and CDI settings.
(länkar till Yamaha Europas hemsida)

YZF 250 2006

Since the new millennium Yamaha's YZF models have dominated motocross at every level – and the factory version, which is actually a modified production bike, has taken the legendary Stefan Everts to four MX World Championships in a row! For the 2006 season the radical new second-generation Yamaha YZ450F benefits from a new 5-speed dry-sump engine that’s designed to outperform the opposition – while the totally new factory-bike derived lightweight aluminium frame elevates handling performance to a whole new level. And with its stylish new bodywork the ’06 YZ450F gets a more radical and aggressive factory bike look.

YZF 450 2006

YZF 450 2006